2022 Spring
         Lecturer of Language Acquisition, Graduation Dossier, and Research Atelier in the Dutch, Linguistics, and European Languages departments, University of Groningen.
         Lecturer of the Honours Course Nature versus Nurture in Language.

2021 Fall
         Lecturer of Semantics in the Dutch, English, and Linguistics departments, University of Groningen.

2021 Spring
         Lecturer of Language Acquisition and First Language Acquisition of Dutch, University of Groningen.
         Lecturer of Graduation Dossier: Semantics and Pragmatics, with Mark de Vries, University of Groningen.

2019 Spring
Lecturer of LING419M: Topics in Syntax: Expressing Possibilities and Necessities across Languages and Development, UMD. In this upper-level class we examine the syntax and semantics of modal expressions in different languages and their acquisition.

2018 Summer
Lecturer of a seven day course on truth-conditional compositional semantics at the  South Caucasian Chalk Circle-2 Summer School, September 3-11, Ilia State University, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2018 Spring
TA for Prof. Alexander Williams in LING410: Meaning and Grammar, UMD.

2017 Fall
TA for Prof. Tonia Bleam in LING311: Syntax I, UMD
Guest lecture on modals — raising or control?

2016 Fall
TA for Prof. Margaret Antonisse in LING200: Introductory Linguistics, UMD.

2012 Fall
Lecturer of the Bachelor’s course Schrijven en Presenteren (Writing and Presenting) in the Department of Language and Culture Studies, Utrecht University.